The NSTP ( Non – Spatial Thinking Process ) certainty

The NSTP ( Non – Spatial Thinking Process ) certainty is the most advanced, theoretically accurate, unificatory theory that is deeply related to the idea of the whole world to be a matrix.
Through the NSTP theoretical disposition space (as a room or void outer there) is a projection of non – spatial mind, which is the reality. Space is a mere form of illusion, a digital reality. Thus the theory speaks of two worlds : 1. Spatial (the pretended onliest) and 2. Non – spatial (the real one). The unabbreviated reality is thus a universal non – spatial system whose real elements (hardware) are non – spatial feelings while space is a kind of application that is projected or morphed onto the non – spatial hardware. besides the best practical way, it seems, is to modulate the non – spatial course (say, through meditation) to transform the spatial illusion (or even terminate it) in order to gain consummate pleasure.

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